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Arlynne Angeles
INTJ. Lover & Fighter. Techie.
Manila > California

Just another little lady with a keyboard, camera and website. My family and my career come first, in that order, without compromise. I love and I hate with my whole heart, and I believe in consciously practicing kindness every single day. Fighting, technology and scrapbooking excite me. I tend to carry a lot of anxiety, for better or for worse; I forgive easily, forget rarely; and my passions and opinions run deep. I'm a romantic realist; and I am not a feminist. I don't know where I'm going, but neither do you, so follow me anyway.

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  • Nailed it. Nice work, @Heineken!

  • I wonder how many times I say "motherfucker" out loud absent-mindedly while working 😂🙊

  • @Delta Overwhelmed with curiosity at what the strategy would've been if the man had an accident in his seat while w…

  • I don't disagree.

  • 😐😑 booooooo

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